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About COUP

Our Mission Statement

“Over the passed 12 months the world has been seeing a lot of hate. I want to redress the balance.If world leaders turn their backs on love, If they’re not going to care, then we will. We will bring the love, we will stage a COUP.” ~ Ben the Illustrator (founder and curator of COUP)

What is COUP?

COUP is a charity initiative running throughout 2017, working with a selection of super artists to design world-loving limited edition t-shirts, all of which are sold in aid of charities chosen by the artists.

Each t-shirt will only be available for 14 days with just one t-shirt being available at any one time. COUP is non-profit, so after covering screen printing costs, all proceeds from t-shirt sales go to charity. The t-shirts are printed by and distributed worldwide.

With so much hate in the world, we need to stage a COUP. Bring the love.

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